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NYTS Virtual Tea Club is designed for tea lovers who have been searching for a like-minded group of tea enthusiasts to brew, discuss, and share tasting notes on the same true-origin, high-quality teas.


When you subscribe to the NYTS Tea Club, you will be invited to join a free weekly Virtual Tea Discussion via Zoom, where members will review their tasting notes and discuss critical details about the tea such as; ​

  • harvest regions

  • harvest seasons

  • picking standards

  • cultivars

  • tea processing methods

  • tea aromas

  • tea flavors

  • brewing methods


All the teas included in your monthly box selection are

sourced with the knowledge that the teas will be analyzed

in detail by tea enthusiasts like yourself. ​






  • Free shipping within the USA on orders $50 and higher

  • Monthly tea delivery of 4 varieties of true-origin, high-quality tea

    • (10 grams of each)

  • Admission to a weekly Virtual Tea Discussion,

    • one of the teas from the monthly subscription box will be discussed each week with other like-minded tea enthusiasts

  • 10% discount on all future tea purchases at the Tea Market at NYTS while the subscription is active​



NYTS Subscription Box
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